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HPNRC Act 1977
Functions and Objectives
Recognised Nursing Institutions
Application For Registeration
Registration Requirements for Renewal Candidates

The main activities of the HPNRC are as follows:-

1.  To maintain registers of Diploma holder nurses, graduate nurses, ANM’s Midwives, Health Visitors,
     Multi-purpose Workers (F).

2.  Preparation of live registers for each category of nursing personnel.

3.  Renewal of registration once in every 5years.

4.  Recognize and periodical inspectors of the schools of nursing schools and colleges in the state of H.P.

5.  To conduct the examination for Diploma course and to prepare a time schedule for written and practical       examination, to issue certificates after successful completion of the examination.

6.  Prescribe rules of conduct and disciplinary action against nursing schools/colleges in the state.

7.  To maintain uniform standards of nursing education in the state.

8.  Council plays an important role in the implementation of quality of nursing education, various refresher
     courses, continuing education, in-service workshop for nurses.

9.  Implementation of internet and computerization of date and regular linkage with INC.

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